Digital Transformation

Local government solicitors and legal professionals are now faced with an increase in complex organisational structures, a growing trend towards the establishment of ABSs and significant cuts to legal budgets.  As such, the need to efficiently and effectively collaborate and share information with a wide variety of third parties (such external lawyers, other public services and private sector counterparts) is greater than ever.


To truly transform, Local Government Legal teams need a solution that effectively balances both collaboration and information governance, whilst keeping an eye on cost.


Free eBook - Practical Examples

This free eBook from Objective Connect demonstrates practical examples how digital transformation can dramatically improve any case or matter, including:


  • The removal of paper and manual processes with digital files
  • Online workspaces for collaboration with external parties
  • Mobile access for team members in the field and referral agencies
  • Secure electronic transmittal, with complete auditability and traceability